SCL 2013

For registrations and any other clarifications, please contact Mr. sunil 38475434,Mr.noufal 39451786.

SCL-2013 TOURNAMENT IS CONDUCTED UNDER BTC RULE. BTC Registered Players cannot change one team to another

Rules - Conditions are applicable to all SCL Matches as below

1. Number of Players

A match is played between two sides and each side shall consist of any 11 players, one of whom shall be captain. More than 15 players cannot be used and players cannot be changed for any reason. You can add one more player in quarter final. Player's don't have CPR and not in team list, cannot play the match. Match can start with minimum of 8 players.

2. Substitutes and Runners, Batsman or Fielder Leaving the Field, Batsman Retiring, Batsman Commencing Innings

Shall be replaced by the following:

If a fielder fails to take the field with his side at the start of the match or at any later time, or leaves the field during a session of play, the umpire shall not allow the player to play match.

Match can start with 8 players and only Injured player can use substitutes/runner, but he cannot do bowling. Maximum of 2 substitutes only used at a time

3. The Ball, Bat and Stump

Hard new tennis balls or used balls are supplied equally to both teams in this tournament. Batting team can select his optional balls given by the umpires Team should bring their own Bat and at least one stump for their respective matches. Fiber bat not allowed this match

4. The Pitch

All matches played in JCL pitch - Busaiteen

5. Number of innings - Late Start of innings / interrupted matches

All matches will consist of one innings per side, each innings being limited to a maximum of 10 overís qualifying and 15 over knockout matches, Team(s) responsible for late start of innings shall be penalized by reduction in number of overís which they will face during their Innings as 15 minutes Toss - loss, 30 minutes 2 overís, 40 + is walkover. (Umpire will finalize with Organizer), any final decision on this will be made by the Tournament Organizer

6. Number of Overs per Bowler

  • No bowler shall bowl more than 2 over's in qualifying round 3 over in knockout round - The league competition table for the League shall be compiled by BTC, the positions in which shall be determined by the number of points gained with points being awarded as follows: 2 points for each Match won, 1 point for Tie, 1 point per team taking part in Umpiring. not given run rate team take walk over
  • There is no LBW and free hit, if match is draw in knockout round using super over
  • Matches will be played with new or used hard tennis balls decided by two umpires and captains
  • Only captains have the right to speak umpire or organizers
  • The decision of committee will be final in all matters. On field the umpire's decision will be considered final
  • Four fielder inside circle in qualifying round, 5 over power play in knockout round(not allowed more than 2 player outside circle in power play) We all know cricket is a gentlemen's game. We expect all teams will show good sportsmanship to maintain the decorum of the game

For more details call 39451786,or 33929668,