JMH 2011

Team should be on ground before 30min of given time & No further changes will be done

Jai Maharastra Cup 2011

Jai Maharashtra cricket team is organizing a league cum knock out cricket tournament at Busaiteen Ground on 16th, 17th of December 2011 Teams interested to participate are requested to confirm their entries as soon as possible


  • 24 Teams (Expected) to participate in this tournament which will be divided into four pools. The playing format will be decided on final number of participating teams
  • Entry Fee will be B.D 30/- for each team, and must be paid on confirmation.
  • No restriction on number of players but only 11 Individual trophies/medals will be awarded for the Winnerís & Runnerí up team.
  • The venue of matches will be at Busaiteen only.
  • This tournament will be run on league cum knock out basis limited to 6 over a side.
  • NO POWER PLAY will be played in this format ( No field restrictions)
  • There will not be LBW Out in this tournament, but Leg byes will be granted.
  • No runner will be granted for any injured batsman on any circumstances.
  • One bowler can only bowl 2 over, rest will be shared by four Bowlers.
  • Max. Limit for leg side field is 5 players, if more then 5 players are found after ball is being bowled, opposite team can appeal for the no ball if umpires failed to identify the same.
  • Minimum 2 players in 30 yard circle for all 6 over of the Innings.
  • No offside fielding restrictions.
  • If both the teams score same no. of runs after playing allotted 6 over i.e. for a tie match, a Super over match will played. This is applicable for league as well as knocks out matches. The team that was chasing the target in the tied match will bat first in the super Over.
  • All the matches in this tournament shall be played under the latest tennis ball cricket laws like extra run scored on No- ball/ Wide Ėball etc. For No-ball/Wide- ball, umpires will be very strict to avoid any negative bowling.
  • Only captains have the right to speak to umpires or to the organizers.
  • Matches will be played with new as well as old balls. Organizing committee will decide which match will be played with new balls or old balls. New balls will be available only for SEMI-FINALS & FINALS
  • If the ball is broken while playing a shot, it will be considered as dead ball, even same is noticed after hitting for runs or if batsman is caught out.
  • The playing teams must be present half an hour before the start of the play so that organizer could start the game timely. If a team gets late by Thirty minutes the organizers have the right to award a walkover to the team that is present on the field.
  • We all know cricket is a gentlemenís game. We expect all teams will show good sportsmanship to maintain the decorum of the game.
  • If a player represents one team, he has to represent the same team through out the tournament. Organiser will have a vigilant eye on it.
  • The decision of committee will be final in all matters. On field the Umpireís decision will be considered final.


  • Winnerís cash prize
  • Runnerís up cash prize
  • Winnerís Trophy
  • Runnerís up Trophy
  • Winnerís individual trophies
  • Runnerís up individual trophies
  • Best batsman Of the tournament
  • Best bowler of the tournament
  • Man Of the match (Final)
  • For more details please contact:

    Patrick Manbhat ó 33793874, Pramod Shringare - 39603108, Samir Bandodkaró39604099, Jacinto Fernandesó39087482, Amit Shetty---39106964